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The Internet of Things just got easy.

LX IoT Cores are the most versatile, industrial grade hardware engine powering IoT applications from microchips to the cloud and beyond.
We have taken care of the complex stuff so you can focus on developing applications, solving problems and building product.

Remarkable Design.

LX IoT Cores is a new way of thinking.  Designing and deploying custom IoT solutions from the ground up has never been easier. We have created a hardware development engine that allows rapid customisation and configurability whilst retaining miniature form factors and commercial grade quality.  Oh and we seriously mean rapid.  LX IoT Cores allow you to switch on 50 to 100 times faster than traditional custom design.

The heart of the hardware system consists of 3 IoT Cores that can be added to, subtracted from, combined with daughter boards and sunk into new circuit boards.  LX IoT Cores have been designed by an elite team of product development professionals using advanced methodology in order to create massively miniature boards that are loaded with all the IoT features you could want for your application.

Attractively subtractive.

Tired of adding on extra shields and crusts and ending up with a kitchen sink? We see a lot of IoT prototypes that are far too big, costly and power hungry that need to be completely redesigned come production time.

With LX IoT Cores, everything you need is already on board from the start. Don’t need all the sensors? We’ll slice that section off the PCB and the rest still works. The LX IoT Cores are fundamentally different from every other board in that they are designed to be cut down smaller when you don’t need everything.

Prototype professionally.

This ain’t your Grandad’s dev kit, nor is it another Arduino or Raspberry Pi… this is the real deal. Created by an elite team of highly experienced engineers and product development designers with over 200 IoT projects already completed, LX IoT Cores allow you to easily deploy commercial grade hardware from the get-go.  Prototype like a pro from the beginning, then move straight into volume production.

Incredible power that hardly uses any.

The LX IoT Cores have been designed from the ground up with power consumption in mind with every decision.  Real world IoT applications very often rely on battery powered sensors and transmitters, operating for long periods in the field without intervention.  LX IoT Cores power your solution for years to come.