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LX has extensive experience in robotics industryThe robotics industry is an exciting area both in terms of future growth and technical challenges. The LX team has experience in consumer robotics through to large scale factory automation robotics. The team has worked with a wide range of sensors/input devices, such as:

  • EEG thought identification/recognition
  • IR, laser and ultrasonic ranging, sensing and communications
  • Optical such as light intensity, colour and machine vision
  • Speech recognition & basic audio sensing/filtering
  • Environmental sensors such as temperature, pressure and smell
  • Location tracking & positioning systems (incl. indoor RTLS & GPS)
  • Other input devices such as magnetic, acceleration and capacitive sensors

The LX team has worked with fuzzy logic, learning algorithms and image processing. Our team has also worked on control/output devices, such as:

  • Displays & personal vision systems
  • Solenoids, relays, linear actuators and pneumatic systems
  • Various motor controllers, servos, and stepper motors
  • Machine speech sub-systems (such as text to speech) & basic audio sensing
  • Communication systems

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