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WirelessThe team at LX specialises in the design of wireless devices and has unparalleled experience in the following areas:

    • Ultra-low power wireless systems including mesh networking topologies
    • ZigBee-based networking, using Ember, TI, Jennic and Microchip platforms
    • WiFi ad-hoc connections (mobile devices) through to high-speed wireless routers
    • Miniature GPS devices and indoor RTLS (Real Time Location Systems)
    • Bluetooth interfaces including audio and control functionality
    • Mobile network technology (such as 3G/HSPDA, GSM and GPRS) applications
    • Nordic and various other low-power platforms and protocols

Many past devices have required custom RF PCB layout, matching and appropriate firmware development. Often wireless devices require low-power design. LX has a wealth of experience in this area and the team is across both hardware and firmware development strategies to achieve ultra-low-power operation.

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