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Looking to design or deploy an IoT solution? We have developed a range of tools and services to make it easy.



Experience from over 500+ IoT products & projects



Base stations to wearables, a remarkably versatile IoT platform


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IoT Accelerate

Think IoT might be able to help your business, but not sure how? We understand IoT technology at a deep level and have insight into how other organisations are benefiting from IoT. Our IoT Accelerate program helps you identify areas of your business that could benefit from IoT and opportunities to help your executive team drive performance. Once opportunities identified and selected our team can provide a turn-key IoT business solution. Get started by booking into one of our IoT Accelerate workshops today.

IoT Launchpad

Looking to raise funds or evaluate an IoT business case? We have a vast range of IoT building blocks that provide a fast-track solution to developing proof of concept or demonstrator prototypes. Crowdfunding campaigns, investors, government grants, internal management approval and other funding sources often have one thing in common and it’s not a commercial product. It’s a prototype. Our IoT Launchpad service provides a lean, agile, no-frills approach to developing a prototype fast (and cost effectively). Simply send us your IoT prototype brief today to get started.

IoT Product Development

Let us partner with you to develop your own custom IoT product. We provide a full-stack end-to-end (concept to production) product development service. The race for verticals is on, we’re agile and accelerate the process using our IoT Cores platform. From hardware to app, we’ve got you covered. Simply book in for an initial conceptual development and system level architecture workshop to start the IoT product development process.

IoT Backbone

Looking to deploy your own IoT network to enable a target application geography (without existing IoT network coverage), or, to provide third party IoT network services? We’ve got you covered from ultra long range urban or agricultural networks such as LoRa to local indoor WiFi and BLE real-time location nodes. Our base stations have solar options (in addition to mains power) to enable operation in remote environments. We believe in beautiful base stations. Why not talk to us about our range of IoT base stations to see what might work for your IoT network requirements?

IoT Cloud

We’ve made the IoT cloud backend easy with commissioning tools, device management interface, security, over-the-air upgrade functionality and a developer friendly API. Get up and running in no time using the drag & drop IoT dashboard builder to display the data you’re after for fast prototyping, or, simply stop here if your application doesn’t need a custom skin. Prototype, then scale to volume. Our IoT cloud solution can be used stand-alone, as the gateway to custom applications or integrated with third party IoT cloud platforms. Get in touch to see if there’s a fit for your specific IoT application.

IoT Products

After a configurable ready to go turn-key IoT solution? We have developed a unique range of end devices to cater for common IoT requirements and popular vertical application areas. Bypass custom hardware design, programming and enclosure design to simply get the data you need. We offer a white labelling service for those looking to on-sell application specific products & solutions. We can work with you to select the appropriate hardware, configure system settings and set-up the cloud interface to get started. Stay focused on what matters most – the problem you’re looking to solve.


Develop your custom application GUI (web or mobile app) and hook into the cloud, or, let us do this for you. We can take your graphics assets and bring them to life, work with an external team or work directly with UX developers to build from the ground up. Most IoT applications end up with an app as the primary user interface and experience. We build apps that impress. We can work with you to understand your target market and the user experienced you’re looking to create.

Why LX?

Following the Stanford design thinking model we take the right steps to ensure we’re on the right track when it comes to the development program.

With internal manufacturing capabilities and pre-compliance equipment we turn-around custom prototype units fast.

Our 3 IoT hardware cores are pre-optimised for small form factor, low unit cost, ultra-low power consumption, high reliability and functionality.

Commissioning tools, management interface, over-the-air upgrade functionality, out of the box scalability and user friendly API are all part of our standard IoT cloud backend.

Full stack in-house multi-award winning IoT product development team (hardware, firmware, cloud and apps development) with experience from over 200+ IoT custom products and projects.

We believe in the importance of application specific innovation and the use of the trusted back-end solution & trusted core modules where possible. We don’t re-invent the wheel when we don’t have to.

We offer a range of support contracts to support our bespoke product development projects after completion. IoT product deployments are typically live, always. We’re here for the journey.

With a proven track record in medical, military and safety critical system design we’re across a few tips n’ tricks to develop reliable IoT products you can rely on. A number of our team are certified TUV functional safety engineers.

We typically undertake detailed design for manufacturing reviews and our preferred manufacturing partners are all ISO9001 certified.


Custom IoT Projects


Years of Product Develoment


IoT Verticals


IoT Cores

Past IoT Projects

The following are a few example case studies of bespoke client projects we have helped bring to life.

Client Testimonials

  • We needed to engage an electronic design house able to think outside the box to deliver the unique and demanding functional performance required out of our HERO device. We found that in LX Group. They proved to be lateral thinkers, meticulous in approach and world class in providing the necessary design outcomes.

    Ian Bostock, Tricon Defence Pty Ltd
  • LX is a dynamic innovative company which has experienced fantastic growth over many years. The LX team is very experienced and knowledgeable, and they are great to work with.

    Tom Bianchi, Microchip Technology Australia Pty Ltd
  • LX Group have provided us with design, advice and consultancy services during the development of a highly miniaturised low-power device. The team has been great to work with, and have provided valuable and accurate input in a highly professional and courteous manner. The preliminary design was completed quickly and efficiently and exceeded our expectations in terms of the level of miniaturisation possible. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.

    Toby Miller, Signal Watches
  • LX enabled us to reduce the time to market from prototyping to production, substantially reducing the risk and allowing us to meet our deliverables. I would not hesitate to recommend LX Group as they have a very professional team. They are responsive, knowledgeable and really understood our needs.

    Dean Sarelius, Glyn Ltd
  • The people at LX are the sort of people you wish you could hire to work on your projects - driven, innovative, pleasantly surprising. They're passionate about providing the best service at the most efficient price possible.

    David Snowdon, Founder, co-CTO at Metamako
  • Working with LX has always been a pleasure. They're as excited about my project as I am, and are always willing to do their best to make the changes I want. Working with fireworks has some pretty strict safety requirements, but I feel secure knowing that LX has the highest commitment to quality and will go above and beyond the industry safety regulations. It's been a hugely rewarding relationship, and I'm excited to be part of LX's drive for innovation.

    Khaled Maarbani, Elite Fireworks
  • LX have been providing contract engineering support for two years. The LX team is responsive and knowledgeable. They have a flexible and committed attitude to outsourced product development. This approach allows us to chase new opportunities that arise in a fast-changing technology business.

    Steve Winnall, Finisar
  • YPB has worked with LX for some time now on a variety of projects. We have found their service impeccable, and extremely professional. Their attention to detail, on time delivery, and quality has been a great asset to us. We continue to work with LX, and would recommend them as a development partner to any organisation.

    David Kinsman, YPB Limited




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