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Soil Moisture Probes

Professional soil moisture and temperature monitoring

These sub-surface soil moisture probe offers capacitance based soil moisture measurement offering between two to fifteen sensors per probe.

These probes provide accurate data for meaningful irrigation and fertiliser decision-making, year after year.h.

General Specifications

  • A capacitance based continuous logging probe
  • Probe lengths from 200mm to 1500mm
  • Between 2 to 15 soil moisture and soil temperature sensors depending on the probe configuration
  • Shaft diameter: 32mm
  • Can be used for pastures or other sub-surface measurement applications
  • Compliance: CE certified

Technical Specifications

  • Supplied with a 3m cable with node connector
  • Sensor Spacing: 10cm or 20cm (fixed)
  • Sensor reading count: approximately 32000 for air and 1000 in water
  • Sensor resolution: approximately 13 bits
  • Temperature Sensor: 0-51 Deg C, steps of 0.2 Degrees

If you are using our APIs to get the raw sensor data, you can use the following equations to convert the raw sensor readings (SF-reading) into Volumetric Water Content (VWC) or Gravimetric Water Content (GWC).


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For installation instructions, please refer to the manufacturer user manual.

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1000mm with 10 sensors, 1000mm with 6 sensors, 1200mm with 12 sensors, 1200mm with 6 sensors, 1500mm with 15 sensors, 1500mm with 6 sensors, 200mm with 2 sensors, 400mm with 4 sensors, 600mm with 6 sensors, 800mm with 6 sensors, 800mm with 8 sensors