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Engineering Consulting

LX offers a range of electronics engineering consulting services Our Electronics Engineering Consultants offer a range of electronics engineering consulting services including:

  • Third party peer design reviews
  • Complex problem solving
  • Electronics design process consulting
  • Providing technical feasibility/difficulty analysis for technology investors
  • CAD file conversions
  • Expert witnessing


Third Party Peer Design Reviews

It can add significant value for a third party to review an electronics engineering project/design. LX offers electronics engineering reviews by experienced engineers who have more than 20 years industry experience. This can streamline your development process and save time and engineering effort.

Complex Problem Solving

LX offers a problem-solving service for those projects that need electronics engineering input but are difficult to define. We have a proven track record for being able to successfully resolve complex problems in which a solution is not initially identifiable.

Design Process Consulting

LX has considerable experience in developing new products and can work with your electronics engineering team to train and refine their development skills. Your team may have in-depth knowledge of your field and subject, and LX can help maximise the use of this through design process training.

Providing Technical Feasibility/Difficulty Analysis for Technology Investors

It can be difficult for those from a non-technical background to assess technical feasibility and/or difficulty of proposed technology ventures. This can be particularly important for investors needing to understand key risks and to ensure the technical team is providing accurate project estimates. LX can provide an independent review of the venture, including time estimates, technical feasibility analysis, and identification of key technical risks.

CAD File Conversions

LX can convert CAD files between various PCB layout editors including Altium, Mentor, Eagle and Orcad. This can save you significant time and enable the reuse of existing designs.

Expert Witnessing

LX has engineers available for expert witnessing involving electronic products and electronic product development.

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