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Industrial Design

key part of LX product development process is Industrial DesignIndustrial Design (ID) is a key part of the product development process. ID involves investigating and understanding a range of product factors including aesthetics, form factor, usability, physical ergonomics, brand development, marketing and sales of a product. It often needs to take into account factors such as operating conditions, certifications and legal standards.

Ideally electronics development and industrial design are undertaken in parallel to provide the best possible product. LX works with some of world’s most innovative industrial design partners to deliver the products we develop and can assist from developing concepts through to volume manufacture. We also welcome the opportunity to work with your preferred supplier or in-house designers.

We can work with you to meet your industrial design needs, including:

  • Concepts/visualisations and wireframe(s)
  • Rapid prototypes including mock-ups and SLAs/3D printing
  • Sourcing off-the-shelf enclosures and providing machining (including CNC and laser), labelling, and other customisation services
  • Custom enclosure design including plastic injection moulding and tooling for high-volume productions (working with local and offshore tool makers and manufacturers)
  • Custom LCDs and membrane keypads
  • Mechanical and electromechanical assembly design

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The cost of design and production of product enclosures can vary greatly. The most appropriate option will be dependent on a number of factors including the purpose of the product (prototype vs. commercial product), the target market and the intended application.

Off-the-Shelf Enclosures

There are times when an enclosure is required but it is not necessary to undertake industrial design such as for prototype units, low-volume production, and in industrial applications. LX can assist with sourcing off-the-shelf enclosures, and can provide machining, labelling, screen printing, and other customisation services.

Semi-Customised and Fully Customised Enclosures

Customised enclosures have much greater aesthetic appeal and can be designed to be more application-appropriate. They generally have a higher upfront cost than off-the-shelf enclosures due to the design effort involved. In volume production however, economies of scale often bring the unit price down significantly.

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