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Electronics Manufacturing, PCB manufactureLX can manufacture your electronic products, whether prototypes or volume production. Our staff are trained and equipped to handle delicate and sensitive electronic assembly tasks, ensuring high-quality and reliable products.

LX has in-house capabilities for PCB manufacture, SMT assembly and inspection, conformal coating and potting. We can manage the entire manufacturing process including component sourcing and procurement, inventory management and high volume production. Our manufacturing partners have a range of quality assurance certifications including ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, UL, RoHS and WEEE.

LX can meet your manufacturing needs, and offers:

  • Express low-volume prototyping in as little as 48 hrs
  • Turnkey high-volume production in Australia and offshore

We offer a complete spectrum of manufacturing services, including:

  • PCB manufacture and laser stencil fabrication
  • Component procurement and inventory management
  • PCB assembly (PCBA) and complete end unit assembly
  • Production line testing, inspection and yield analysis
  • PCB cleaning, conformal coating and potting
  • Custom membrane keypad and LCD manufacture
  • CNC machining laser cutting, labelling and screen printing
  • Labelling and packaging

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Production Management

  • Production management/co-ordination and control
  • Supply chain and lead time management
  • Local and offshore factory set-up with representative on the ground
  • Component sourcing and procurement
  • Inventory management and warehousing
  • Yield analysis, and design and manufacturing improvements
  • IP protection strategies

PCB/PCBA Services

  • PCB manufacture (including flexible and fine pitch)
  • Laser cut stencil fabrication
  • Full or part assembly (conventional, SMT, double sided and mixed ) as required
  • Prototype and high production volumes
  • In-house express assembly for rapid prototyping
  • High end technical capabilities (including BGAs, fine pitched devices, ultra-low track width and tolerances)


  • Visual inspection
  • X-ray solder joint inspection
  • Flying probe testing
  • Design, commissioning and maintenance of production-line test jigs

Other Services

  • Servicing, repair and refurbishment
  • Unit cost optimisation/re-design
  • End-of-life component management
  • Professional solder rework

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