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Ongoing Support

LX is able to assist in ongoing product supportOnce an electronic product is designed, LX is able to assist in ongoing product support at a number of levels, from directly supporting your end-users, through to product road mapping and succession planning. Support activities we offer include:

  • Ongoing design modifications, improvements and unit cost reduction
  • Life cycle product management, road mapping and succession planning
  • Call centre and online support systems

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Ongoing Design Modifications, Improvements and Unit Cost Reduction

As an electronic product goes through its life cycle, modifications often need to be made due to a number of factors, such as feedback from customers, competitor movements and technology developments. LX can help you with this by developing next generation versions of your product.

Once your electronic product is being manufactured, there may be opportunities to reduce the unit cost. LX can work with you to lower unit cost over time. In addition, LX can help you quickly and smoothly manage the process if a component goes end-of-life.

Life Cycle Product Management, Road Mapping and Succession Planning

LX is more than an electronics design house. We are able to help you strategically plan your product roadmap including the development of various product releases, planned obsolescence and incremental or step changes. We can help you analyse your market and determine the most suitable approach for the life cycle management of your products.

Through our position in the industry, we have developed many products and have seen past successes and market failures in electronics product launches. LX is able to share this experience and can assist in the high level and strategic planning of your products and launches.

Call Centre and Online Support

LX recognises the importance of prompt and knowledgeable support and is able to help you provide this to your customers through call centre and online ticket-based support systems. Support provided by the very people who designed your electronic product can be a valuable addition once it is in the field.

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