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LX Research is beneficial pre-curser to the design phaseResearch is a necessary or beneficial pre-curser to the design phase in some projects and can lay a solid foundation prior to commencing detailed design. While some projects can proceed into the design directly from a needs analysis, others require a research phase.
Technical research is often necessary when:

  • There are high levels of technical risk and/or complexity
  • A design is the pushing boundaries of known possibilities (performance, size, weight etc.)
  • Practical experimentation is required to understand an unknown system
  • Simulations are beneficial in better understanding an uncharacterised physical system
  • Extensive optimisation is required
  • A project involves highly innovative new approaches that need investigation to validate

Typical research tools and approaches we use include:

  • Development of custom research platforms for algorithm development, performance evaluation and other research activities
  • Simulation tools such as Spice, Matlab and Labview
  • Performing literature reviews of existing products, material and concepts
  • Consultation with area-specific specialists from both industry and academia

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