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Turnkey Product Development

LX’s turnkey services provide a complete end-to-end product development solutionLX is an award-winning electronics design house with the experience and resources to take an electronics product concept and turn it into a commercial product: “from Concept to Reality”

LX’s turnkey service is a combination of many of the services we offer in order to provide a complete end-to-end product development solution. We can work with you to develop an approach to take your concept to production.

Inefficiencies between the development and manufacture of electronic projects often arise because of disjointed relationships between phases of the product development process. By utilising LX’s turnkey service this can be eliminated, ensuring smooth transition between phases.

The advantages of using LX’s turnkey product development services include:

  • Greatly reduced time to market
  • Having a dedicated team focused on developing your product, allowing you to focus on your core business
  • Following a structured and proven design process, resulting in well-designed and documented products
  • Having a single point of contact for the entire product development process
  • Gaining access to an experienced product development and commercialisation team who have developed numerous products together across a wide range of industries
  • Leveraging our existing relationships and contacts with suppliers, advisors and investors
  • Access to industry leading lab equipment, reducing significant upfront infrastructure costs
  • Lowering overall development costs through streamlined processes, minimising information and knowledge transfer, utilising experienced engineers and existing design modules

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Providing an Experienced Team, Delivering High-Quality Products

Our team consists of highly experienced engineers, project managers and commercialisation experts. This ensures your project is delivered on time, on budget and to the specified quality. A high-quality design lowers ongoing support and technical issues, increasing your ongoing profitability.

Providing a Dedicated Team

A dedicated team can be invaluable. In many cases, clients have started to develop a product in-house, but found it difficult to balance this with their day-to-day business focus, and both suffered as a result. LX can help resolve these conflicting requirements by working with you and providing a dedicated team for your new product development.

Improved Speed to Market

LX understands speed to market is crucial when developing an electronics product. Lost time equates to lost market opportunities and lost revenue. LX experienced team has developed numerous quality turnkey electronics products quickly and efficiently. We are able to utilise our experience to ensure your product is developed.

Lowering Development Cost

There are many cases in which the approach ‘do it right the first time’ really proves to be the best approach. Product development is definitely such a case. Development cost consists largely of engineering effort, and by using an experienced team and taking the time to think through the development process thoroughly upfront, the risk of large and costly re-designs later in the process can be lowered significantly.

One Point of Contact for the Entire Development Process

The development process can be complex and there are many factors to coordinate. LX will  provide a single point of contact for the entire development process, managing the various parties involved. This ensures you are kept up-to-date with the development progress and all aspects of the process are on track.

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