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LX Expertise

LX ExpertiseLX Group has a wide range of experience across a number of different industries and technologies. We have a highly skilled team that provides unparalleled expertise within the electronics industry. This includes:

  • Leading electronics engineering experience across a range of industries
  • Ability to quickly understand new electronic designs and projects
  • Wide range of electronic engineering services, including hardware, firmware and software development
  • Experience across a wide range of core technologies
  • Proven ability to solve complex problems
  • Proven project management experience
  • Specialists in wireless embedded electronics system development
  • Award-winning product portfolio
  • Risk management
  • Quality systems
  • Unit cost optimisation
  • Electronic design for manufacture
  • Providing electronics prototyping services through to turn key product development


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Industry-Leading Electronics Engineering Experience

Our team of electronic engineers has extensive experience, with senior engineers typically having 15-20 years’ experience. This experience spans industries including mining, medical, satellite communications, wireless, automotive and industrial control.

On multiple occasions our engineers have acted as a ‘SWAT team’ in multinational engineering organisations by completing projects in timeframes significantly faster than that of internal teams.

One of the advantages of working with LX team is that there’s not much they haven’t come across before.

Ability to Understand New Designs and Projects Quickly

Each project is unique, and we understand the importance of being able to quickly ramp-up on the intricacies of your project and associated challenges. This is one of our key capabilities and is a strong focus of our internal engineering development program.

Wide Range of Electronics Engineering Services

Including hardware, firmware and software development – LX offers a wide range of engineering services, from research through development and ongoing manufacture. For more information see Services.

Experience Across a Wide Range of Core Technologies

Core technologies (such as WiFi, USB, graphics drivers, etc.) can take significant time to become proficient in. Our engineers have extensive experience across a wide range of core technologies, and LX has an internal database of tested design sections. These combined significantly reduce project ramp up time and minimise project lead time and risk.

Proven Ability to Solve Complex Problems

LX has a great track record for successfully undertaking complex and challenging projects. Clients sometimes present us with their problem, rather than a pre-defined specification or design requirements. We are able to work from a high level target outcome and structure an approach tailored to solving these complex challenges.

We often employ a gated approach to address and minimise technical risk along the way. This is particularly important in projects that have a large research component or high technical risk.

Proven Project Management Experience

Each project is assigned a project manager who is in regular communication with the client. Our project managers have significant experience in delivering projects on schedule, on budget and to the agreed specification. We use an online project management tool to carefully monitor projects from kick-off to delivery.

Specialists in Wireless Embedded System Development

One of LX’s core strengths in embedded system development is wireless communications. We have designed over 60 wireless products using a number of technology implementations. As the demand for wireless products increases, LX’s strong proficiency in this area enables us to respond quickly and with reliable solutions. See Wireless Past Projects for examples.

Award-Winning Product Portfolio

We are committed to delivering a high quality of work, achieved through both our electronics engineering experience and internal practices. Our product portfolio includes multiple designs that have won national and international awards against companies, including Navico, UNSW and Sinclair Knight Merz, with projects such as solid state radar systems, autonomous rescue robots and a Solar Electric Trike.

Risk Management

We can undertake a risk assessment prior to commencing projects, and ensure identified risks are appropriately managed. We look at both technical and commercial risks, identifying key risks and (where possible) providing several proposed options. We work closely with our clients to ensure risks are minimised as early as possible, in a way that is most suitable for the project and client.

Quality Systems

Quality is very important to the LX team. Our contract manufacturing services are ISO9001:2008 and UL-certified.

Unit Cost Optimisation (BOM Cost Optimisation)

For high volume devices, we understand the importance of optimising the unit cost, both during the design phase and once in production. We also understand the importance of estimating the BOM (Bill of Materials) cost of the product early in the development process and are able to provide indicative unit costs, which are refined as the design progresses.

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFM/DFMA)

Our electronics engineers can design products to optimise cost effectiveness of electronic manufacture and assembly. This significantly reduces the end COGS and quality of the product.

Providing Prototyping Services Through to Turn-Key Product Development

At LX, we really strive to understand our client’s individual needs. This has led us to developing two distinct service categories – rapid prototyping and turnkey development. Through understanding your needs and key challenges, we can recommend the most appropriate strategy for your product. See Prototyping and Turnkey Product Development.

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