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LX Group - New to thisDeveloping New Electronic Products

Designing a new electronic or software product can be a daunting process. You may have a great idea but not know where to start. It need not be an overwhelming experience if you have a good understanding of the process, and an experienced development partner such as LX.

Electronics Design House

LX is an electronics product development design house. We help take concepts for new electronic products and turn them into viable, market-ready products.

The First Step in the Journey

When you are ready to take the first step in your product development journey, call LX to book an obligation-free consultation to further explore your options.

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Concept Development

Conceptual development is the critical first phase in the design process. It incorporates activities such as developing the business case, conducting a needs analysis, undertaking key technology research and intellectual property landscaping. Thorough evaluation and assessment in the conceptual development phase can significantly reduce the occurrence of costly changes later in the process.

Product Specification Document (PSD) & Acceptance Test Plan (ATP)

Following the investigatory phase, a Product Specification Document (PSD) and Acceptance Test Plan (ATP) are developed. The PSD details the product that is to be designed and includes specific requirements that the engineers must incorporate when designing the product. The ATP provides an objective measure at the completion of the development to ensure that the design meets each item in the PSD. These documents give you confidence the design will meet your requirements.

Design & Prototypes

The design phase follows, based on the PSD and ATP. This includes the hardware, firmware (embedded software) and the software components, and is the phase that takes the greatest engineering effort. The design is manufactured and the first revision of the hardware is the alpha prototype. Several iterations of the prototype may be required to ensure it meets all aspects of the PSD and ATP – this is a normal part of the design process.

Testing, Verification & Certification

Once the ATP has been verified, the product undergoes extensive testing & verification. This can include EMC compliance testing, environmental testing, user testing and life cycle testing. This is another part of the design process that is essential and can’t be shortcut.

Production/Electronics Manufacture

After the design and testing phases are complete, the attention turns to production/manufacture. Test jigs can be developed, and the factory is set up ready for production. A pre-production run confirms that everything is in place, including processes, suppliers, in-line system testing, programming, and other facets of the process. This helps avoid manufacturing issues for volume manufacture.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing support of both the product and client is essential during and after product development. LX’s support structure is personal, easy to access and includes ongoing support to end-users, product life cycle management, and general technical support.

Realising the Dream

While the thought of developing a new electronics product may seem like a daunting task, LX can help break it down into bite-size pieces and can guide you through the process. We help people’s dreams and innovations come to life – that’s what makes our work exciting.

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