We deliver the
future daily.

The future belongs to leaders who are as happy to break as create: Break with tradition to create what’s next.

At LX, we believe creating and directing the future is the best way to be ready for it. We build next-generation intelligent products – offering an end-to-end solution for ambitious leaders.

From making ideas real, to scaling their capability, our multi-award winning IOT strategy experts, full-stack product development team and unique IOT Cores platform equips you with new ways to compete and grow.

At LX we’re on a mission to build technology that accelerates positive change at scale. Our vision is to be at the forefront of what’s next – realising innovative solutions that transform organisations and industries.

Our Values / 01

Passion led

What good is an idea if it stays an idea? We take action now, we test and try, experiment and iterate; even ask the market. Always agile and able, we balance our desire for perfection with our clients’ immediate need to deploy the perfect technology for the purpose.

/ 02

the next

Change is always coming so we play to be the disruptor not the disrupted. More than thinking ahead, we project ourselves into the future, always experimenting with technology and where we can make it take us next to have a positive impact today and tomorrow. And yes, sometimes we build jet engines for the fun of it.

/ 03


Remarkable is our benchmark, extraordinary our standard. If there’s a way to do something better, we’ll find it. For us, quality is both physical and experiential. Our success, and often our clients’ safety, demands we cover every tiny detail.

/ 04


Designing for people is at the heart of what we do. We’re one team, constantly demonstrating genuine care for each other and pride in what we produce by pitching in wherever needed. Backing each other makes us all better.


Anticipating the future is the best way to own it. We project how things will be and where technology will land. We never wait and see. Taking this contrarian view lets us see opportunities others overlook.  We promise to expand your view of what’s possible, what’s next and what’s achievable, and start doing it now.

We’re recognised leaders

Awards are just one measure of our clients’ success.


Our client partners

We’re proud to shape the future with these ambitious forward thinkers.

They’re the only game in town in Australia in terms of the internet of things. They can do everything and anything basically, where it comes to the internet of things. They eat that stuff for breakfast.

Andrew Despi Director of Ecosystems, A•kin
(formerly Commonwealth Bank Emerging Technolgy)

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