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Transform IoT & Electronic Product Ideas into Action

At LX, we partner with ambitious leaders to create intelligent electronic products & ecosystems for a better world. We help people and businesses of all sizes create & design electronic IoT products from concept, prototype, through to production.

Every day, an accelerating rate of technology change, re-writes everyone’s playbook. In the race to lead, it’s be first or be disrupted. Inventing the future is the best way to be ready for it. Our award-winning team and unique IoT Cores platform will help you make transformational ideas real – at scale.

An IoT platform for NOW

LX IOT Cores is the smarter, simpler platform that frees us to move you from strategy, through to prototype and scale faster.

Our uniquely configurable and versatile IOT Cores platform accelerates your IOT activity with ease, enabling you to accelerate, de-risk and focus on innovation, not implementation.

Electronic Product Design & Development Services

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