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Developers, software providers, system integrators, high tech agronomists…

You may go by a number of different names, but whatever you call yourself, you are the one who develops killer applications.

We believe that by delivering great quality hardware with incredibly simple setup and connectivity, you can then focus on building the applications that deliver real insights and unique benefits for your users.

Out of the box we provide a very intuitive and clean Dashboard App to view all your connected sensors and basestations, as well as data export and device management functionality – however you can also build your own application on top of our Events API or by setting up your own webhooks.

Sensor Data API Overview

Smart Elements is powered by LX IoT Cores and LX IoT Cloud.

LX IoT Cloud provides two mechanisms for acquiring sensor event data from Blue Nodes and Base Stations:

  1. LX IoT Cloud pushes your sensor data into your system via a standard HTTP POST that is configured in your Dashboard setting under webhooks.
  2. Sensor data is requested and retrieved by your system via the LX IoT Cloud REST APIs.

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