Enterprise-level Internet-of-Things with Autodesk SeeControl

23rd February 2016

In the past few months the number of new announcements of Internet-of-Things platforms and services is outstanding – and the latest to come across our view is Autodesk’s new SeeControl IoT service – a cloud service for enterprise-level Internet-of-Things applications, aiming to help manufacturers and industrial users to connect, analyse and manage their products and the data that these systems generate.

SeeControl virtualises things such as machines, links them with reporting devices, and provides analytics to unlock the data potential trapped inside industrial devices. SeeControl services help manufacturers incorporate sensors into their products, manage them remotely, and collect the big data they provide.

With smart, connected machines enabled by SeeControl, manufacturers can offer higher service levels, reduce asset downtime and lower maintenance and material costs.

SeeControl services provide everything businesses need to achieve these IoT benefits in one place, and to get up and running quickly. SeeControl is an open cloud platform that is interoperable with a huge range of devices, as well as other cloud services, back-end systems and mobile applications – helping to deliver interconnected IoT services with strong user experiences. SeeControl offers a drag-and-drop approach to industrial IoT that enables users to innovate quickly, without advanced coding expertise.

The platform runs in Autodesk’s cloud infrastructure as a white-label subscription service, and the use of cloud computing for the SeeControl platform means that it can interconnect and scale to any desired scale with ease. SeeControl is designed to be an invisible IoT engine that provides your business with a rich toolset as a white-label solution. On top of this, you can add your own corporate branding, identity, look and feel.

The SeeControl platform provides templates for many example solutions, allowing you to quickly get used to the easy-to-use visual programming tools and edit these templates to start building your unique solutions.

The platform provides a large library of device adapters which cover a wide range of protocols and different products, helping to ensure that your solutions are future-proof and can be connected with different hardware devices and different products on the market into the future.

Using analytics and insight provided by SeeControl, you can provide customers with a uniquely improved level of service, reduce costs and run your business more efficiently. Inventory levels can be maintained more efficiently, for example.

Predictive maintenance enables parts to be ordered automatically before they’re needed, and products and machinery can be kept running at peak levels. Potential failure can be identified before it happens and maintenance downtime can be scheduled so that it will be least disruptive.

Performance of systems can be monitored, so you can see how your product performs in the real world and use live data to make product improvements and optimise future development. You can use SeeControl analytics to provide customers with real-time understanding of their products, so you can participate in the full product lifecycle and increase value to the customer – as well as bringing in an additional revenue stream through ongoing product-as-a-service solutions.

End customers may be able to predict when maintenance may be required ahead of time, as well as being able to manage spare parts, consumables, maintenance and warranty activities all in one place, in one seamless experience. If service workflows need to involve third parties, you can easily let them collaborate on their job in their portion of the system with access to this valuable data but with access only to the data that is relevant for service, maintenance or supplier needs, maintaining strong overall security.

Unlike other IoT platforms, which are device-centric and provide raw data collection and simple rule frameworks, SeeControl starts by building virtual software-based models that represent all your physical devices, machines and products, with analytics integrated into these models. SeeControl provides a universal mobile app that allows you to quickly get started with mobile connectivity to the service.

This app is customisable, and you also have the option of using the SeeControl API to build a mobile app from scratch to best meet your needs. SeeControl provides REST and SOAP APIs for data brokerage and transferring device data from legacy systems or complementary systems which will be used alongside SeeControl. For example, these APIs can be used to post device data to a Web server via SeeControl from a SeeControl-enabled system or device.

seecontrol1As well as using the APIs to connect with SeeControl, you can also use the extensive libraries in the SeeControl platform. These libraries offer extensive support of open standards and vendor-specific standards for a wide range of embedded devices, sensors and actuators, communication and networking devices and gateways. For example, existing format and protocol adapters are provided for CoAP, MQTT and Modbus, to name just a few.

If there is no out-of-the-box support for the technology that you want to connect with, you can write your own device adapter so SeeControl can support your device, using the protocol, data format and language of your choice. And when it comes to hardware, software and support for a SeeControl or other Internet-of-Things platform, the LX Group us ready to work wiwth you.

We have end-to-end experience and demonstrated results in the entire process of IoT product development, and we’re ready to help bring your existing or new product ideas to life. Getting started is easy – click here to contact us, telephone 1800 810 124, or just keep in the loop by connecting here.

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Muhammad AwaisEnterprise-level Internet-of-Things with Autodesk SeeControl

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