ExtremeConnect IoT platform for global M2M solutions

27th September 2016

Over the last few months, the increasing number of Internet of Things platforms is a sure sign that the IoT is here to stay, and the latest to enter the market is the ExtremeConnect IoT platform.

This is a robust, secure and cost-effective solution for worldwide machine-to-machine and Internet-of-Things data connectivity. The ExtremeConnect suite enables you to centrally manage and provision your entire network of global M2M/IoT deployments and customers from one convenient point, using ExtremeConnect cloud-based control centre.

This platform provides you with everything you need to easily and quickly deploy, manage, and monetise IoT & M2M services with seamless international mobile connectivity.

With ExtremeConnect, managing and monitoring your wireless connectivity has never been easier. It provides complete visibility, control, and management of all your devices – making it easy to provision, manage and monitor your networks of connected M2M or IoT devices.

Real-time visibility of device activity and usage, the ability to monitor and control inventory, and a plethora of other actionable features make ExtremeConnect an indispensable tool for IoT connectivity businesses wanting total control of their devices.

ExtremeConnect is designed to be particularly synergistic with cellular mobile connectivity, and ready for global deployments around the world. Service agreements between ExtremeConnect and Tier 1 mobile network operators around the world complete the ExtremeConnect IoT network and platform – ensuring that your M2M and IoT applications are always online, always connected, with seamless integration and functionality under one roof – with one provided to deal with.

Users can easily manage your data plans online, track, manage and activate SIMs, provision new devices, and keep close control across the entire SIM and device life cycle.

Instead of setting up relationships and accounts with multiple mobile operators across the world, ExtremeConnect provides you with a one-stop shop for management of your global, seamless IoT connectivity.

With ExtremeConnect, managing and monitoring your mobile IoT devices is easy, and the system is highly scalable so a huge number of devices can be supported. You can centrally manage and control your entire fleet of M2M/IoT devices or customer deployments from a single, secure web-based portal on any PC, mobile device or tablet.

This dashboard provides a comprehensive, graphical overview of all the IoT assets that you’re managing – potentially worldwide. Despite being highly data-rich, this dashboard is highly intuitive and easy to use, and enables you to quickly access the most important information that you need.

From SIM management and device management to alerts, reporting, support and billing, the ExtremeConnect platform offers the ability to intelligently control the elements that affect your bottom line, adding business value to your mobile IoT deployments and services, improving customer experiences as well as making your job easier.

Furthermore, the system ensures a seamless transition from local to regional to global connectivity – all from a single platform, all without the user having to change accounts, reconfigure devices or anything else.

End user customers can manage all their IoT devices dispersed around the world, with multiple different mobile carriers, from a single platform. As well as providing management and provisioning from a central cloud-based platform, the platform also offers the ability to connect customer devices with the right mobile carriers that provide the best available network coverage and pricing in a given region.

An entire fleet of M2M devices can be monitored and managed from a single point, connectivity failures can easily be diagnosed – and you can seamlessly manage bulk operations, such as the rapid loading of devices and one-click activation, or open and track issue tickets for customer enquiries, complaints or requests, all from the single control dashboard within ExtremeConnect. Historical information such as connectivity and status for each hardware device is also logged and searchable.

Key functionalities of ExtremeConnect include directly setting up your data plans online at one place, and tracking, activating and setting up the SIMs you need. ExtremeConnect gives you control over the entire SIM and device lifecycle – and you can define different attributes of your different devices, assign different technologies or billing plans as appropriate, and effortlessly support and manage multi-level accounts.

You can quickly and easily change the bandwidth allocation or billing structure assigned to a particular device, and provide customers with convenient data through alarms and notifications covering a range of parameters including bandwidth usage notifications, device connectivity failure, roaming charges, or suspicious fraud activity.

Whether your IoT and M2M devices need 3G, 4G or LTE connectivity, comprehensive connectivity solutions and worldwide relationships with established mobile operators are available, which ensures that your mission-critical Internet-of-Things applications are supported with seamless access to network infrastructure, an intuitive and scalable single-point management platform and reliable worldwide connectivity, today and into the future as cellular standards evolve.

Once again we have summarised an interesting and possibly useful new Internet of Things platform which could be the solution to your connected product or service needs. However, we can take the time to thoroughly work with you to ensure the right platform will be used.

Here at the LX Group we have the systems in both hardware and software to make your IoT vision a success. We have end-to-end experience and demonstrated results in the entire process of IoT product development, and we’re ready to help bring your existing or new product ideas to life. Getting started is easy – click here to contact us, telephone 1800 810 124, or just keep in the loop by connecting here.

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Muhammad AwaisExtremeConnect IoT platform for global M2M solutions

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