Gilmo – a New Standard in Password Security

25th August 2014


In today’s society, it is almost impossible to exist without some requirement to access computer bases systems. Be it retrieving money from an ATM through to online banking or accounts on a myriad of other web sites, almost  always there is a requirement to gain access via a username and password. To make life harder, each of these passwords  require different  combinations of characters, symbols and numbers and will need renewing at different times. So how does the average person remember all these passwords in a way that is easy to access and secure?

There are those that try to have the same password for everything, there are those  that use easy to remember details such as birthdays and pets names and then  those that keep a paper based notebook in their top drawer. Probably  the most popular is to store these very personal details on a phone or tablet using an free application downloaded from the internet.

In each case, the security of these details can be very easily compromised where a person either steals/photocopies the paper based notebook, potentially  discovers the single password being used and has access to everything  or  probably the most risky is on the very connected phone/tablet where there is a leap of faith that these details cannot be hacked remotely.


Password Manager that Fits in the Palm of Your Hand



The Gilmo Password Manager has been designed to solve this problem providing people in all walks of life the ability to carry with them all these access details in a form that is pocket sized, easy to use and above all very secure.

The product  uses a colour touch screen to access all the necessary details and is so intuitive to use that it is simply a case of turning the unit on and starting to use it. For those that do need a little assistance, the device contains a comprehensive set of help screens that can prompt the user when necessary.

The Gilmo contains a number of features that ensures the details contained within and kept secure.  The device is immune from any form of remote hacking as it has been designed to have no access to any other computer systems. It cannot connect to the internet, and has no wifi, Bluetooth or ability to physically connect  to any other computer. If the Gilmo is in front of you, then your details are safe.

To protect against loss or theft, the Gilmo is sold with a companion product, the Buddy, which establishes a one to one link with a single Gilmo. When prompted,  the Buddy is attached to the Gilmo and an encrypted copy of a persons details is  stored. Should the Gilmo be stolen or lost, any person trying to gain access has three attempts to guess the master password before all the records on the device are permanently deleted and the device is reset. Should this happen, the Gilmo can simply be replaced with a new unit and once linked, the details on the Buddy can be restored.

The Gilmo can also provide a corporate solution with each Gilmo containing the ability to become part of a company fleet, allowing an administrator to manage and deploy different sets of passwords to the various departments and people within an organisation.

With  the prolific use of usernames and passwords required to be effective in todays society, The Gilmo provides anyone with a way to store all their important and very personal details in a form that is very portable, easy to access and yet secure against being accessed by any one else  providing the peace of mind that  these details are indeed safe.


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Muhammad AwaisGilmo – a New Standard in Password Security

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