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LX IOT Cores are a uniquely versatile, industrial grade hardware platform running an optimised IOT OS. They power high volume IOT applications around the world, from microchips to the cloud API and beyond. We’ve taken care of the complex stuff to enable the development of real solutions and remarkable products.

01/ Hardware + IOT OS
02/ API + Dashboards

Proven in Real World Products & Applications

The IoT Cores Engines have been used to accelerate many of our client’s IoT products and solutions, everything from Animal Trackers to Connected Bikes.

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IoT Cores driving Incyt

The IoT Cores have been used in the development of the Award Winning Incyt Ecosystem of remote sensors, telemetry nodes trackers and accessories.

Static Sensing





/ Hardware + IOT OS

Full-stack IoT. Next Level.

LX IOT Cores is a new way of thinking, accelerating end-to-end full stack bespoke IOT solutions from the device layer through to end user apps. Our IOT hardware engine enables rapid device customisation while retaining miniature form factor solutions optimised for commercial grade applications at scale. The heart of the system consists of three IOT Cores that can be added to, subtracted from and morphed into new circuit boards. The cores have been designed by product development professionals using an advanced methodology in order to create miniature boards that are loaded with all the core IOT features demanded by any application.

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Attractively subtractive

Tired of the layers of shields, capes & crusts? We see plenty of IoT prototypes that are far too big, costly and power hungry having to be completely redesigned come production time. IoT Cores are set-up for scale production from the start. We subtract what’s not needed, customise where required and then configure them into the target application form factor.

Scale safely

Scale safely with a proven platform developed from a deep dive analysis into over 400 vertical applications with an uncompromising pursuit of selecting only high reliability hardware subsections. Ready for now, continually evolving as we invest to prepare for next. Accelerating prototype development with clean transitions to volume production.


title-logo IOT OS

Running our ultra-low power IOT OS, the IOT Cores have in-built drivers for a wide range of on-board sensors, external wired sensors, power management subsections, wireless communications protocols and advanced location engine. The IOT OS supports a large number of commonly used IOT profiles such as static sensing, tracking and gateway modes with supporting performance enhancement algorithms.

Incredible power that hardly uses any

The IOT Cores and IOT OS have been designed from the ground up for ultra-low power consumption. Real world IOT applications very often rely on battery powered devices operating for long periods in the field without intervention. Supporting a wide range of battery technologies, external power options and high efficiency energy harvesting functionality, IOT Cores are designed to power your solution for years to come.

Advanced location engine

Our IOT OS features a high precision ultra-low power location engine with a range of intelligent tracking modes to support indoor and outdoor tracking applications. In more advanced configurations, the IOT OS will use a sophisticated combination of GPS, cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and IMU data for location.

Totally connected

We offer multiple connectivity options including many of the most popular long range network technologies as well as our low power favourites. Get connected with our device cloud plus VNO bundles or we can hook your devices directly into your favourite network operator.

Get intimate.

Are your applications in the middle of nowhere without access to an existing IOT network? Need to fill in coverage gaps, or have a security mandate to keep data locally? No problem, go private with our 433MHz and 915MHz plug n’ play LoRa base stations with a selection of cellular, Wi-Fi and satellite back-haul options. With incredibly fast install times (under five minutes), solar power and high-gain antenna options, it’s easier than ever to set-up your own IOT network.


Remarkably tiny

Unlike stacking approaches, our cores are only as big as the functionality required. For ultra-small form factor requirements, we can drop into 4 x 4mm BGA processor footprint.

Microamp power

Under 4uA sleep current with complete power control over all subsections. Every subsection is designed for low power operation. Inbuilt support for a range of battery chemistries, gas gauging and charge mechanisms including solar and inductive.

Ultra-low unit cost

Designed for high volume production with parts from quality suppliers while only paying for the features you need and leveraging the buying power of one of the world’s largest manufacturers.

Amazingly versatile

From base stations to wearables, static sensors to trackers and on-board AI plus blockchain integration – there’s not much in IOT that can’t be powered by one of our IOT Cores.

Sensor agnostic

In-built libraries ready to support hundreds of off the shelf wired sensors, and control devices as well as ten of the most common on-board sensors including a host of location options.

Connectivity covered

Short range networks, long range networks, cell networks and home networks – it’s all possible (Bluetooth/BLE, Wi-Fi, private LoRa, LoRaWAN, CATM1, NB-IOT, SigFox, Taggle, 2G/3G, Ant+, ZigBee, 4-20mA, USB, RS485, UART, SPI, I2C, 0-12V analog input).

Market ready

Prototype with us then scale to high volume production. We work with you to customise an application-specific skin/enclosure, configure and optimise the core architecture, develop a device level application and transfer to commercial ready production at scale.

Plug n' Play

With out of the box device cloud support pre-integrated into our IOT OS, devices developed on IOT Cores are born integrated to our easy to use cloud based API.

Ready for next, now

On-board cryptographic hardware acceleration engine to enable device level ultra- low power secure blockchain interactions supporting for AES 128, 192, 256, Triple DES, HASH (MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2), and HMAC. Device level neural net support and roadmap to a dedicated DCNN (Deep Convolution Neural Net) hardware accelerator. Compatibility with TensorFlow and Caffe lightweight neural nets through STM32CubeMix, AI and the IOT Cores OS.

– Secure Firmware Installation (SFI) for BLE and 802.15.4 SW stack
– 3x Hardware encryption AES maximum 256-bit for the application, the BLE and IEEE 802.15.4
– Customer key storage / key manager services
– HW Public Key Authority (PKA)
– Cryptographic algorithms: RSA, Diffie
– Helman, ECC over GF(p)
– True random number generator (RNG)
– Sector protection against R/W operation (PCROP)
– CRC calculation unit









/ API + Dashboards

IOT device cloud

We’re developer-friendly - we want an ecosystem of developers to build apps on IOT Cores based products. So we’ve made our secure, stable IOT cloud backend easy. Always evolving and improving, it includes commissioning tools, device management interface, over-the-air upgrade functionality and a developer-friendly API. Get up and running in no time with our IOT dashboards to display the data you’re after for speedy prototyping. The LX IOT Cloud can be used stand-alone, as the gateway to custom applications or integrated with third party IOT cloud platforms.

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Intuitive dashboards

Not all IOT deployments need a custom application. We can skin our dashboards with your brand for out-of-the-box sensor data and location visibility. Or connect to the API to access an unlimited world of custom app development possibilities.

  • - Intuitive sensor specific widgets
  • - Graphing capability with zoom and thresholds
  • - Device configuration and management
  • - Location services and geofencing
  • - Alerts and rules engine
  • - Signal strength and battery level monitoring
  • - User and organisation management
  • - Mobile friendly
  • - Data export capability
  • - Custom widget integration

Secure, scalable, stable, simple

Sophisticated scalable IOT device cloud with location services, API, data storage, alerts & rules and an OTA engine all bundled into one simple subscription based service with connectivity. .

  • - Powered by Microsoft Azure with automatic scaling
  • - Easy to use API for building custom apps
  • - Option to pipe data directly to any 3rd party cloud
  • - 99.997% uptime
  • - Globally replicated storage locations with auto fall-over
  • - Disaster recovery point-in-time restore capability
  • - Multi-network data injection layer
  • - Region selectable deployments to reduce latency
  • - Mutual security authentication between device and cloud
  • - Device management
  • - Multi-device, multi-network OTA update capability
  • - Alerts and rules engine
  • - Location services
  • - Billing engine

Developer API

To custom apps and beyond. Built by developers, for developers. Plug into our cloud-based API to unleash a world of custom app development possibilities, integration with 3rd party AI systems and connect up to other cloud solutions - or work with us to develop your custom app.

/ IoT Devices + Solutions

Get started with pre-skinned IOT Cores or go custom

Complete IOT in a box. Get started developing your app with our range of pre-skinned cores. From base stations to static sensors, trackers and accessories, we’ve got you covered.

Or, are you after a unique visual identity, application-specific physical criteria, specific features and performance levels? One of the challenges of the IOT is many very different “things” need to be brought into existence, and the devil (and excellence) is often in the details. Let us build you a custom configuration and skin.

Build your own IOT product with us
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