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LX Celebrates 2019 Good Design awards with partners Agersens and Caroma

19th July 2019

This year LX was honoured and excited to attend the 2019 Good Design Awards with partners Agersens and Caroma, each of whom won an award.

Agersens eShepherd – Gold Award

Agersens claimed the coveted Gold Good Design Award as recognition of their world-first innovation in livestock management, the eShepherd.

eShepherd is a livestock virtual fencing solution that provides remote pasture management, and animal monitoring for improved livestock and land welfare. Developed in Australia for the global market, eShepherd helps farmers manage their animals and land more effectively in the face of climate change.

Unlike an electric fence, it works by training livestock behaviour. The animal receives a warning tone when it walks towards the virtual boundary, and receives a small electric pulse when it crosses the line. Research shows that livestock learn to turn away at the tone, and avoid the pulse entirely. The response to an audio warning signal, instead of visual cue, makes virtual fencing possible. Farmers use a web-portal to create virtual boundaries and check on livestock activity, all of which are updated dynamically to ensure accurate data.

The system enables farmers to have large-scale rotational grazing that is tailored to farm geography, vegetation, and seasonal variations.

LX Group worked in collaboration with Agersens to develop the electronics that drive the eShepard, including the hardware, firmware, and elements of the cloud connectivity.

Caroma Smart Command – Best in Class

Caroma received a ‘Best in Class’ Good Design Award in the Hardware and Building category for their series of the Smart Command intelligent bathroom products.

The Smart Command ecosystem interfaces with smart bathroom fixtures to monitor data, including the fixture usage, number of flushes and water usage. It integrates with mobile apps, building management systems and cloud platforms.

It allows the monitoring and control of water usage to save water, as well as facilitating informed decisions to be made relating to cleaning, maintenance resourcing, and other building management functions.

LX developed worked with the team at Caroma to develop the connection between Smart Command devices and the building management system, and the web interface which displays critical data.

Muhammad AwaisLX Celebrates 2019 Good Design awards with partners Agersens and Caroma

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