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LX Design House Wins The SEEA 2014 Software and Embedded Systems Excellence Award

22nd September 2014

The annual Sydney Engineering Excellence Awards (SEEA) celebrate the accomplishments of some of the finest engineering companies and individuals in the world. The Awards showcase leaders in the profession along with world class engineering and innovation.

Each Year the Excellence Awards judging panel consider the finalists of each category for an Engineering Excellence Award. As winners in their own right, these finalists represent the very best of engineering with the judging panel seeking to identify those unique finalists that demonstrate outstanding excellence, innovation and best practice.

The 2014 Australian Engineering Excellence Awards feature an exciting new array of state of the art technologies and innovations, cementing the position of the profession at the forefront of our society.



Software and Embedded Systems Excellence Award Winner: Project Caramello Koala

Project Caramello Koala is a response to the increasing risk facing an iconic native animal. Koalas have recently been listed as a vulnerable species, and monitoring programs are an essential part of the effort to protect them.

The main goal of Project Caramello Koala has been to develop a tracking device specific to the needs of koalas. Although animal telemetry is not new, none of the currently available animal tracking solutions quite fit the bill for kolas. For example, koalas tuck their chins into their chest to rest, making it unfeasible to have bulky electronics under their chin.

The product of Project Caramello Koala, the K-Tracker, is a solution to the problems raised by the needs of the animals and the challenging environments they inhabit. The K-Tracker is proven in the field to have excellent animal welfare outcomes, and provides high accuracy near-to-live tracking and more comprehensive data than is available with existing systems.


Learn more about the K-Tracker.


Muhammad AwaisLX Design House Wins The SEEA 2014 Software and Embedded Systems Excellence Award

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