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LX Group Explores the Benefits of Test Jigs in Electronics Manufacturing

7th July 2012

test jigsTesting is one of the most crucial parts in the manufacture of any product. It can also be expensive, and in many cases, faulty products can cost the company even more money in loss of customers and litigation. This is perhaps why in-line test jigs are so important. It just doesn’t make sense to wait until a product is fully assembled to test it. So, before a product is fully assembled, the inner workings and parts can be tested with a device (jig) to reduce the chances that it will fail. These devices make sure that each and every product on the line works 100%. Test jigs can be made to test a variety of things in any product, from television screens to microwave ovens, before it is fully assembled. There are many reasons why test jigs are important in electronics manufacturing, but these are perhaps the most compelling.

Reduce Production Time and Cost
Testing each and every product as it rolls out of the electronics manufacturing line can take time, but it can’t be avoided. In cases where a manufacturer produces hundreds or thousands of units in a day, timing is critical. If it took too long to test each and every product, it could hold up the line and delay production. Automatic test jigs can ensure that production flows smoothly by quickly weeding out any defective parts and products. They can also reduce costs, because it allows even non-technical people to perform the testing, thus saving on labour costs.

Suitable for High or Low Volume Output
Test jigs can be built and customised for any type of electronics manufacturing and almost any volume of output. They can be most helpful in mass production, especially when taking into account economies of scale. However, the great thing is, test jigs can also be modified to suit small to medium scale electronic manufacturers. These electronics manufacturers can also benefit from test jigs, without the increased cost of doing business at a large scale. In fact, many smaller operations rely on test jigs to keep costs down and quality tight.

Increased Quality
In the end, the customers are the ones who benefit most from test jigs and QA. Catching mistakes and defects early on ensures that they don’t make it into the box and into end-users’ hands. Electronics manufacturers want to ensure that they keep a stellar reputation when it comes to the quality of their products, and in-line test jigs can help them do that. Great products mean repeat customers and a better reputation in the industry.

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Muhammad AwaisLX Group Explores the Benefits of Test Jigs in Electronics Manufacturing

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