LX Partners with Telstra to develop a Revolutionary Asset Tracking Experience

LX is excited to partner with Telstra as they transform from a traditional telecommunications company to a world leading technology company. The Telstra Locator™ – a series of trackers – are set to revolutionise the tracking market. The product series allows customers to track things that matter to them, from keys and bags to bikes, pets, and even business assets like tools and vehicles.

Ahead of the pack

LX designed both the low powered Bluetooth Tracker, and the rechargeable WiFi Trackers. The Bluetooth Tracker is light weight, with a 12 month replaceable battery. It is ideal for tracking small, personal items. The WiFi Tracker has a rechargeable battery and combines both Bluetooth and WiFi for applications such a pet tracking.

While there are many Bluetooth trackers on the market, it is the Telstra Locator’s unique integration with Telstra infrastructure that makes it so remarkable. This world-first combination of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the Telstra network in a single solution provides highly accurate, cost effective tracking across Australia. The Locator Tags connect to the Locator SmartApp, allowing customers to pinpoint their valuables.

“It was an honour to work with Telstra on this development project”, says founder Simon Blyth. “This product really pushes technical boundaries and allows for tracking in a truely revolutionary way.”

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Muhammad AwaisLX Partners with Telstra to develop a Revolutionary Asset Tracking Experience