Industrial Design for Electronic Products and Connected Devices

LX has extensive experience in electronic and smart product industrial design.

We’ve developed our own range of long-life industrial IoT trackers and static sensing products designed to be aesthetically awesome whilst withstanding rugged environmental conditions.

With a deep understanding of functional design for IoT Products, we can help bring your product to life with a design that works, at scale.

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Industrial Design That’s Ahead Of The Curve

From designing our own product range to work in thermal extremes and rugged environments, to creating products for over 40+ industry verticals, we understand that industrial design is just as important as the electronic functionality of a device.

Our industrial design strategy takes a big picture approach, developing products that work at scale. From aesthetics, function and user experience to ergonomics, safety and commercial practicality, we consider all design aspects to achieve your objectives within scope and budget.

LX has in-house industrial designers, based in Sydney, with many years of experience across a broad range of products and verticals. Alternatively, LX can work with your preferred supplier or internal designers.

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Key Areas Of Expertise Across Industrial And Mechanical Design

At LX we can help you with industrial design specifications for your smart device or electronic product. Our key skills include:

  • Conceptulaisation including Ideation, sketches, 3D photo-realistic renders, functional CAD models, and mock-ups where necessary.
  • Prototyping including concept refinement, selection of parts and materials for manufacture, basic engineering drawings, and scale models that are functionally and aesthetically accurate using rapid prototyping technologies such as FDM, SLA, SLS, CNC, and Vacuum Casting.
  • Cross discipline liaison ensuring the best approach to accomodate the electronics into the proposed enclosure.
  • Trial runs including soft/MUD tooling for short Injection Moulding runs, tests for IP ratings, full engineering drawing packs including itemised BOMs and manufacture specifications.
  • Volume manufacture including risk mitigation and quality control.
  • Graphics and packaging including generation of instruction manuals, product packing and associated graphics.

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Other Electronic Product Development Services

Alongside Industrial Design we can help you with all elements of the product development process

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