Intelligent Product Software Development

LX has proven experience in product & IoT software and app development. From intuitive user interfaces to cloud back-end and reporting dashboards, we understand what makes for a remarkable end user experience.

We worked with Caroma to develop the connected gateway devices, cloud back-end and dashboard for their intelligent facilities system.

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Software Development for Intelligent Products, Platforms and Solutions

LX has extensive experience in software development, from high level web, mobile applications and GUIs through to device driver development. We have developed a wide range of robust and reliable applications for a number of different operating systems.

Our team understands that a device is only as good as its end user reporting, and that digital transformation solutions need to provide efficient user experiences in order to drive real change.

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Key Areas Of Expertise In Software Development for Smart Products

We design for remarkable end user experiences and for reporting that adds real value. Our key expertise in software and app development includes:

  • Process driven development of reliable and robust software.
  • Development of applications for mobile devices including Android and iPhone. and Cross platform mobile apps using Xamarin or web technologies.
  • Adaptive algorithms and machine learning.
  • Integrating with blockchain technologies.
  • Design of Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs and skins).
  • Web application development including the use of Single Page Application (SPA) frameworks such as Angular
  • Use of a wide range of relational and NoSql databases.
  • Message based architectures including the use of message buses, queues and event sourcing to deliver scalable and flexible software.
  • API design and implementation for a range of paradigms (RESTful, RPC and pub/sub) using a range of protocols (e.g. HTTP, MQTT and AMQP)
  • Continuous Delivery though automated builds, tests and deployments
  • Experience with public cloud, private cloud and on-premise deployments.
  • Serverless architectures which allow costs to scale with load and reduced administration.
  • Application installers.
  • Custom device drivers.
  • Extensive test suites for unit and regression testing

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Other Electronic Product Development Services

Before we get to Software Development and Apps, we can help you with the entire product development process, from systems architecture and electronic hardware design to industrial design and manufacturing support.

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