LX has proven experience with systems engineering, and can take your intelligent product concept from idea to reality using complex systems thinking principles to drive your commercial outcomes.

We worked with Telstra to develop an innovative new listening network for their Bluetooth and WiFi trackers. Powered by LX IoT Cores, we designed the electronics, embedded firmware and mobile services SDK.

Systems engineering that’s ahead of the pack

Systems engineering forms the cornerstone of all product development, and in ensuring a quality outcome that meets the client’s needs. LX has highly skilled systems engineers who take an interdisciplinary approach to the architecture design of products, balancing competing requirements and considering the parts of the system, as well as the system as a whole.

Key Areas of Systems Engineering Expertise

Our expert approach to systems engineering underpins our intelligent product development. We cover key elements of systems engineering including:

  • Needs and user analysis
  • System architecture design
  • Key technology research and selection
  • Unit cost optimisation
  • Battery life calculations and optimisation
  • Risk management
  • Design for manufacture planning
  • Speed to market consideration and planning
  • IP landscaping and development
  • User experience and interface requirements analysis
  • Technical feasibility and standards compliance

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Other Electronic Product Development Services

We provide all elements of the electronic or smart device process, from electronic hardware design to verification and testing ready for manufacture.

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