K-Tracker Animal Collar Device

Low power, long range location tracker for wild Koala Populations

Next generation Koala Tracking System designed from scratch by the LX team. 
Building on nearly 10 years of Koala tracking experience, LX have released the next generation Koala Tracking System integrated on the powerful Incyt platform. 
 Robust and light, this GPS tracker provides near-live tracking, dual sensor activity logging with motion profile analysis capabilities, orientation analysis, high-G and free fall detection as well as automatic low activity email report generation. Advanced features have been added to the system enabling sentinel devices that detect Koalas in high risk areas like mine sites.

This next generation of the K-tracker builds on the existing functionality of the original collar device, designed specifically for Koalas and built to withstand the environmental factors that could impact a device like this. With fast, accurate reporting, a ribust design and ultra low power technology use, these trackers have helped the team at Endeavour Veterinary Ecology drive key performance result in the monitoring and conservation of wild Koala populations.

Powered by the LX IoT Cores designed the K-Tracker from strategy to scale, including electronics hardware design, embedded firmware development, and software web application.

The 2nd Generation of the K-Tracker device developed by LX for EVE won the Good Design Award 2021 for Product Design

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Muhammad AwaisK-Tracker