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At LX we’re experts in intelligent IoT product design, including Cloud Backend development for connected devices.

We worked with Agersens to develop the custom electronics, embedded firmware and Cloud integration for the eShepherd™ system, which is now on display in the Stockman’s Hall of Fame, Longreach QLD.

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IoT & Cloud Backend Development That’s Made To Order

At LX, we draw on our extensive experience of developing connected devices and products to drive our approach to IoT Cloud & Backend Development.

With close to 1 million products in the field, we’ve created a reliable cloud backend that can be used as a foundation for your application and can work with multiple platforms and protocols such as AWS IoT Platform, Microsoft Azure and Thingworx 8 IoT Platform.

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Key Areas Of Expertise in Cloud Backend For Intelligent Products And Solutions

At LX we are experienced at developing IoT Cloud Systems and APIs to work with your existing systems. Key areas of expertise include:

  • A common interface for applications and services to interact with a diverse range of devices over a wide range of network technologies such as LoRaWAN, Sigfox or CAT-M1.
  • Decoding from compact network efficient data formats common in bandwidth constrained IoT network stacks to JSON or XML formats easily consumable in web and mobile applications.
  • Ability to configure webhooks so that data is forwarded immediately upon arrival to consuming services.
  • APIs to read streams of event data submitted from devices or groups of devices in the field.
  • Automated alerts when data is outside of expected parameters. For example if the soils moisture content drops below or exceeds certain levels a webhook, email or SMS can be sent.
  • APIs for managing device configuration.
  • APIs for deploying over-the-air firmware updates to devices.
  • APIs for querying time series data for specific data fields and time ranges.

We also offer a turn key dashboard solution which is built on top of our backend offering.

  • Assign deployment specific information to your devices and sensors such as asset numbers and location information to make them easily identifiable
  • Visualise real world values by specifying the relevant environmental parameters of your application (e.g. convert ultrasonic distance measurements into litres remaining in a water tank).
  • Dashboard pages showing detailed information reported from a range of different device and sensor types.
  • Data visualisations including rich charting capabilities.
  • Visualise the location of the devices in your solution on the map and for tracker devices visualise movements over time.
  • Export historical information as a CSV file.

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Other Electronic Product Development Services

Alongside intelligent Cloud Backend services for IoT and Connected products and systems, we can help with the other steps in the product design process as well. Get in touch today.

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