Internet of Things Product Development

As a product development team, we’re passionate about IoT (Internet of Things) product design. Our expert designers and engineers thrive in pushing the boundaries of IoT technology to create innovative devices for everything from wearable trackers, to predictive maintenance devices for the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Speak to us about your IoT device today.

Your partners for custom IoT Product Design

Whether you have product development capabilities in-house and just need support or you are looking for a full-stack design team for your IoT Project, LX can help. Our team covers a broad spectrum of experience in IoT development so we’ve created devices that need to be small in form factor, withstand harsh environmental conditions or last for a long time out in the field. We offer full-stack IoT product development but are also able to provide just one or more elements if that is required.









IoT at our core – helping you to market faster

Win the race by starting halfway down the track… LX has developed IoT Cores, our unique hardware platform that helps accelerate IoT product development. This engine features all the core IoT functionality that forms the basis of many of the projects we’ve worked on.

What does this mean for you? Simply add or subtract the functionality you want from our IoT cores to create your customised solution, meaning you can get to market faster.

How we can help you develop your IoT Product or Solution

The team at LX draw on our extensive experience of developing IoT products and can deliver:

  • Proven development process involving discovery and define, test and build to develop products that are ready for scale manufacture
  • End-to-end full stack IoT product development services, from electronic hardware and firmware to software, apps and manufacturing services
  • Products developed within hard timeframes by building off our LX IoT Cores platform and reducing the time taken to develop core functionality
  • IoT Products that require small or unusual form factor
  • Ultra-low cost optimisation to enable manufacture at scale that is cost efficient
  • Ultra low power/battery operated design
  • Devices designed for a non-technical end user through the application of ‘consumer first’ design thinking methodologies
  • Devices created to meet industry requirements and certifications for medical products or the military
  • IoT products that will perform and last in harsh environmental conditions

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Looking for another service?

We provide product development services across the full stack, so can work with you on elements of your project or the entire process.

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