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Electronics Hardware Design

Electronics and Hardware DesignThe team at LX has extensive experience in embedded systems/electronics design & hardware design across a wide range of industries, technologies and applications. In addition to exceptional hardware design skills, our strengths include intelligent analytical thinking and problem solving, particularly in solutions that require thinking outside the box. From low-cost consumer applications to mission-critical applications, the team at LX has the technical expertise to implement your design specification.

LX can deliver projects ranging from simple hardware designs through to complex multi-layer, BGA, high speed digital, custom RF and sensitive analogue systems. All hardware is developed in a process-focused approach to mitigate risks early and allow pre-testing and software / firmware integration early in the project.

The team at LX has developed an extensive library of designs and strategies that provide a platform for the rapid development of new devices. These pre-validated design sections cover a wide range of processors, interfaces, power management architectures and supporting firmware/software code blocks.


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Electronics Hardware Design

The team at LX can offer turn-key or stand-alone task delivery in a range of hardware design activities, including:

  • System level architecture design and key technology evaluation and selection
  • Circuit design, modelling, simulations (PSPICE) and performance analysis
  • Schematic capture, component selection and BOM cost analysis and reduction
  • Mechanical definition, modelling (STEP), industrial design liaison (including miniaturisation, design to specific IP ratings and mechanical shock requirements)
  • PCB layout (including high speed digital, sensitive analogue, RF, high current and high density)
  • Field programmable gate array (FPGA and CPLD) design (VHDL and Verilog)
  • User interface design (including touch screen, capacitive buttons and membrane keypad design)
  • Design reviews and design due diligence analysis (internal and external)
  • Prototyping, test and debug, verification against specification and acceptance criteria
  • Accelerated lifetime and stress testing (mechanical, thermal, and electrical I/O)
  • Certification and compliance engineering (including C-tick, FCC, CE, SIL, FDA and UL)
  • Automated test jig design, production yield analysis and modifications

Technology Experience

The engineers at LX have expertise in a wide range of hardware design areas. The following outlines a selection of our technology experience. Contact us to discuss how our experience can assist in the development of your project.

  • Microcontrollers/processors (8 – 64-bit) including a range of different architectures and manufactures (including ARM7, ARM9, ARM11 and Cortex, Marvell, Intel , TI, ST, Atmel, Renesas, Motorola, Freescale, Microchip, Jennic and Ember)
  • DSP’s (including Blackfin and TMS320)
  • FPGA and CPLD designs (Altera, Actel, Xilinx and PSoC)
  • Wireless (including Bluetooth, ZigBee, GSM, HSDPA, WiFi and IrDA)
  • RF design (custom antennas, matching networks and OEM modules)
  • Connected interfaces (including Ethernet, CAN, USB, LVDS, I2C, SPI, UART, RS-232/485 and PCI)
  • Analogue design (including filters, signal conditioning, amplifiers and low-noise design)
  • Ultra low-power/battery-operated systems
  • High speed digital/impedance matched networks
  • Power supply design (including isolated SMPS and contactless coupling)
  • Actuators (including motor control, servos, actuators, solenoids, pneumatics and stepper motors)
  • Sensors/detection (including magnetic, acoustic, optical, mechanical, chemical, acceleration, force, GPS, humidity, temperature, distance, ultrasonic, capacitive and RFID)
  • User interface design (including capacitive touch, membrane keypads, LCDs and OLED screens)
    Industry Experience

Our electronics engineers draw from considerable aggregate experience designing for various industries and commercial requirements, including:

  • Mission-critical and safety-critical applications such as medical, military and mining
  • Explosion-protected designs (IS, Ex-ia, Ex-ib etc)
  • Low unit cost (such as for high volume consumer devices)
  • Design for EMC (C-tick, FCC and CE) and quality and safety standards (UL, SIL and FDA)
  • Design for manufacture and production testing
  • Portable/battery-powered products, including low-power design
  • Ultra-small form factor requirements
  • Reduced design cost and risk mitigation options using deployed infrastructures
  • Ability to supply functional prototypes in highly compressed timescales

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