Electronics Design

LX has proven experience with electronic product & hardware design. From small form factor design and award winning, innovative IoT systems to complex hardware configuration, we can help you with your intelligent product design.

We worked with ActronAir to undertake the complete design of all aspects of electronics hardware development for this product. Recipient of the Australian Good Design Award.

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Electronics Hardware Design That’s Ahead Of The Pack

The team at LX has extensive experience in designing and developing embedded systems/electronics & hardware design across a wide range of industries, technologies and applications. Medical devices and wearables that need to fit specific environments, products built to withstand thermal extremes in industrial uses, Trackers made especially for one animal species… you name it, we’ve probably created it.

From low-cost, long life consumer IoT applications to mission-critical applications, the team at LX has the technical expertise to implement your design specification. We balance functionality with power use, to get the result you need.

Key Areas Of Expertise In Electronic Hardware Design

We design for real life, with intelligent hardware design that considers power/battery life, functionality and size. Our skills include:

  • Intelligent, analytical design and problem solving.
  • Ultra-low cost optimisation and design for manufacture.
  • Ultra-low power/battery operated design.
  • Design for IoT.
  • Wide range of wired/wireless connectivity and sensor design.
  • Reliable and robust process-driven design including intrinsically safe design, DFMEA and reliability/MTTF calculations.
  • Simple design through to complex 16 layer PCBs, BGAs, high speed digital, custom RF and sensitive analogue systems.
  • Design for ultra-small form factor.
  • Flexible and rigid-flex circuit board design.
  • Microcontroller, microprocessor, DSP, FPGA, and CPLD design.
  • Design for EMC, quality and safety standards (including mission-critical and safety-critical such as medical, mining and military).
  • Ability to provide functional prototypes in highly compressed timeframes.

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Other Product Development Services

We can provide the other steps of the product development process too, from Firmware to IoT Cloud and Backend.

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