Product Testing, Verification
& Certification

LX has proven experience with electronic product testing, verification and certification, both for manufacture at scale and industry specific requirements. We understand what it takes to get a product to market so we can guide you through the process.

We worked with Landis + Gyr on a smart ripple controller, developing the electronic hardware and embedded firmware for the first generation of the product.

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Certification and Testing for Electronic and Connected Devices

LX can carry out product testing, verification and compliance certification. We also partner with a number of NATA-certified local and international partners to provide independent product compliance, environmental, stress and HALT testing.

We work as your partner across the whole product development process, from concept to manufacture, and certification and testing is just a part of that. Speak to us about your idea today.

LX can design to, and complete the following tests as required:

Whether your testing requirements relate to design, function or safety, we can help ensure your product meets the mark. Speak to us today about your specific requirements.

  • Environmental Testing
  • Thermal extremes
  • Thermal cycling
  • Thermal shocks
  • Humidity cycling
  • Due-point cycling
  • Ingress testing (including moisture, dust/particles and salt spray)
  • Mechanical shock (including vibration, impact, and acceleration)
  • Mechanical strength (including positive and negative load yes, torque tests)
  • Pressure testing (including high/low pressure submersion, pressure stress cycling and altitude)
  • Corrosion testing
  • HALT Testing
  • Thermal based accelerated ageing (cycling and high temp)
  • Vibration based accelerated ageing
  • Thermal shock accelerated ageing
  • Phase change accelerated weathering/waterproofing test
  • Design Verification
  • Verifying hardware, firmware and software against specifications and acceptance test criteria.
  • Conducted across different levels from unit and sub-sections through to system level, integration and functional testing.
  • Compliance Testing
  • EMC emissions and immunity testing (including C- Tick, FCC and CE)
  • Electrical safety (mains certification)
  • UL certification
  • RoHS and WEEE compliance
  • Industry-specific standards (including medical and mining)
  • Ingress Protection ans Impact (IP/IK) rating
  • Packaging and labelling requirements
  • Biomedical compliance
  • Design to specific SIL
  • Intrinsically safe design

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Other Electronic Product Development Services

Before verification and testing, we can help you take your idea from concept to reality with all elements of the product development stack.

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