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IoT Experience Internships

Have you imagined creating products of the future in the burgeoning world of IoT?

Apply now for LX Group’s IoT Experience Internship.



The IoT Experience Internship is a 12 to 24 week program. You will become an active member of LX’s design engineering team in a leading Internet of Things product development and project services company.

Through contributions to client project work and LX’s own IoT products R&D, you will have an amazing opportunity to build some real experience in hardware design and manufacturing, firmware development, client relationships, and more.


  • Work experience within a cutting edge IoT design firm
  • Allowance of $750 per week
  • Learn hardware, firmware, and cloud design principles
  • Help create innovative products

How to apply?

If you’re a high achieving electrical engineering student in your 3rd year of study or later, prepare a 3 minute video about an exciting project you’ve worked on. Then upload it to your YouTube account and share a link in the form below. Also, take the opportunity to describe your past engineering projects in some details- get us excited about your passion for engineering!

Please note that while we accept applications all year round, there are a limited number of places available at any time.




Where are you based?

LX is based in the National Innovation Centre in the Australian Technology Park at Eveleigh. The National Innovation Centre is an incubator for cutting edge startups and innovative technology companies, so interns will have the opportunity to network with a wide variety of innovators.

Are you located near public transport?

Yes. We are right next to Redfern Train Station, and a bus station is only a short walk from our office.

Do you accept applicants from overseas?

Yes, at LX we offer internships to people from Australia and overseas. Prior to the IoT Experience Internship, we hosted interns from France, China, USA and the Netherlands. Interns must organise their own work visas and accommodation.

Is the internship paid?

Yes. The rate is fixed at $750 per week for full time interns.

How many internships do you offer?

At any one time we have up to three interns. These internships are offered throughout the year and there may or may not be an opening available at the time you apply. It is a good idea to apply well in advance of the time you would like to start your internship to ensure the best chance of there being a place available at a time that suits your other commitments.

If I am no longer a university student, can I still apply?

No, we only accept current students that must complete an internship to fulfil the requirements of their course.

If my application is successful, will I be guaranteed a position at the end of the internship?

No, at this time LX does not guarantee an offer of employment to interns at the end of their internship.

Will I be notified if I am not selected?

Although we try to notify all unsuccessful applicants, we cannot guarantee that you will be notified.

Will I be covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

You will be covered under our policy.

How does LX benefit from the IoT Experience Internship?

In return for the time and expertise of our engineers, and use of the resources and equipment of a successful electronics design house, interns practice the skills they are learning by helping with our projects, both internal and external. In addition, interns often bring to LX a diversity of ideas from universities around the world as well as their own unique perspectives. The IoT Experience Internship also allows LX engineers to meet the best new engineers in the field, helping with our ongoing recruitment!




More information about LX

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    The LX team have previously delivered projects in a number of different industries including; medical, military, mining, digital signage, and gaming and have often designed in accordance various regulations as required. Several relevant projects undertaken by the LX team are outlined below, highlighting our past experience.
  • Project Stages
    The following information outlines the project stages LX can assist with. Tasks can be included or not, depending on a client’s needs.


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