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Gainsborough Freestyle™ Electronic Trilock

Smart lock with innovative 3 mode operation and remote monitoring

The Gainsborough Freestyle™ Electronic Trilock is 3 in 1 smart lock that gives users complete choice over access to their home. With the option to assign up to 20 users, 3 modes of locking and keyless entry, the Tri-lock is one of the most innovative smart locks on the market.

LX developed the electronics, firmware and cloud system for the Trilock product so that the 3 modes of locking could be controlled both on the lock keypad and through the app. At launch, the Freestyle™ Electronic Trilock was the first lock on the market to combine the 3 modes of locking in an electronic smart lock.

Available in 2 colours, matte black and brushed steel, the concept behind the Trilock was to create a home lock system that emulated the style and understated elegance of existing Gainsborough mechanical locks, but with modern connectivity built in. This lock has been especially designed for the Australian market, allowing homeowners to create an aesthetic that continues from the indoors to the exterior of their home.

The Gainsborough Freestyle™ Electronic Trilock developed by LX for Allegion won the Good Design Award 2021 for Product Design

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Muhammad AwaisGainsborough Freestyle™ Electronic Trilock

Beam Energy

Beam Energy’s technology helps understand a household’s energy usage to inform the suitability of solar power installations.

The smart meter monitors and sends power usage for the household. Analysis of this data is used to determine the optimum solar and battery configuration, including analysis of payback period.

LX designed the device for Beam Energy, including all hardware, firmware and data transfer to the cloud.

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Muhammad AwaisBeam Energy


The internet-enabled QUE Touch Master Controller allows control of the entire system, from individual zones through to the dashboard diagnostics.

 Que features modern design, the latest technology including A9 dual core processor with 1GB RAM, logging of historical energy usage, scheduling interface, master timer and zoning. Que Connect facilitates remote control and monitoring of the system via an internet connected mobile device. LX undertook the complete design of all aspects of electroncis hardware, firmware, software and cloud backend for this product. Recipient of the Australian Good Design Award.

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Actron Que