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The K-Tracker is a light weight system of tags and base stations for tracking koalas.

Robust and light, this GPS tracker provides near-live tracking, dual sensor activity logging with motion profile analysis capabilities, orientation analysis, high-G and free fall detection as well as automatic low activity email report generation. The software backend also reports the health of tags, battery level and alerts the user if a collar drops off the network.

Powered by the LX IoT Cores, LX designed the K-Tracker from strategy to scale, including electronics hardware design, embedded firmware development, and software web application. The K-Tracker is the winner of the Sydney Engineering Excellence Awards.

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CBA Blockchain Experiment

Temperature, humidity and location of 17 Tonnes of almonds was tracked using IoT and blockchain technology.

The experiment tracked the produce from Mildura (Australia), through the rail network to the Port of Melbourne, along the shipping route to Hamburg (Germany) on an Ethereum based blockchain in partnership with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Innovation Lab. The project lowered costs and improved efficiency, inclusiveness and transparency in the supply chain.

LX was responsible for the development of the sensors and cloud APIs.

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