Introducing BLUENODE

The Blue Node connects real world sensors to apps in a way no other remote telemetry device can. A battery powered, multi-sensor node that lasts up to 10 years, the Blue Node is the easiest device to actually install in the field, providing data communications for an enormous variety of existing sensors with the cloud – both ours and yours.

Supports hundreds of existing off-the-shelf sensors for your IoT network applications

Temperature probes

Tank level sensors

Soil moisture probes

Tick and pulse counters

Pressure transducers

Your sensor

The reason the Blue Node can talk to thousands of different third party sensors is because we built in a huge amount of standard wired comms interfaces within the single connector port. The massive battery combined with dual boost converters also means that the Blue Node can actually power the majority of 5V and 12V sensors by itself – no need for external power.

Cutting edge ultra-low power, long range network compatibility

Intuitive IoT Dashboards

Get up and running in no time with our intuitive out-of-the box IOT dashboards for data visualisation & alerts. Check device status, configuration, data stream, battery levels, signal strength and last message received from anywhere in the world on desktop and mobile devices.


An unlimited world of potential through our easy to use cloud-based API. Designed by developers for developers.

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Customise it for your company

Powering solutions around the world … behind the scenes.

Excellence is in the details

Machined out of a solid block of 6063 aluminium

Permanent laser marking meeting milspec MIL-STD 130N

High density plug n’play IP67 connector

Dual o-ring piston seal system

Design optimised for maximal RF performance

State-of-the-art embedded 13Ah industrial battery providing up to a decade of autonomous operation

Ultra-compact double-sided stacked IoT Core configuration with interchangeable radio board

IoT Static Sensing Evaluation kit

Interested in becoming a value-added reseller or developing an application?  Get started with our static sensing starter kit.

What’s in the box?

3 x Blue Nodes
3 x Blue Node brackets
1 x 200mm soil moisture probe
1 x temperature plus humidity probe
1 x 5 m ultrasonic ranger
1 x Base Station (private network option)
1 x Base Station bracket (private network option)
1 x Base Station AC power adapter (private network option)

Tech spec’s

No buttons, no screw terminals, no complications. Just take a Blue Node out of the box and plug in the sensor connector.

Have an existing sensor already installed in the field? Keep it in there! For supported sensors, just fit the sensor connector to the cable and away you go.

OTA config
Remotely configure configuration parameters such as reporting frequency, sensor type and sampling rate.

Sensor versatility
Unmatched interface versatility in a battery-powered device. Connects to complete weather stations, industrial 4-20 mA sensors, pulse counters, SD-12, analog inputs and much more.

Power output
Switched 5V and 12V outputs for powering external sensors straight from the Blue Node without an additional power source.

Genuine low power sleep
Nano amp sleep current and high-speed wake/sleep response times to enable ultra-long battery autonomy in the field.

4-20 mA
Inbuilt 4-20mA current loop circuit, and when combined with the 12V boost converter output, all you need to do is wire up your 4-20mA device – nothing else required.

Now a standard serial interface on thousands of different sensors, the Blue Node has a generic SDI-12 driver that queries common measurement commands such as C0! and M0!

TTL serial at 3.3V

0 – 12V analog input
High resolution 12 bit A/D

4 x digital I/O
4 configurable digital I/O with internal settable pull up & pull down of 45kΩ. Firmware configurable debouncing. Pulse counting, switch state monitoring and relay control outputs.

For devices that don’t require a long cable run to interface to the node, I2C is available with addresses configurable in firmware.

Private LoRa
433MHz and 915MHz options compatible with the LX private LoRa Base Station.

Support for both AS923 and AU915. Tested on Actility and The Things Network.

CAT M1 (coming soon)
Bands 1 1, 12, 39, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 13, 19, 20, 28
 375 kbit/s DL and 300 kbit/s UL Ideally suited for over-the-air firmware updates.

NB IOT (coming soon)
Bands 1, 12, 39, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 13, 19, 20, 28 27.2 kbit/s DL, 62.5 kbit/s UL Ideally used for regular data uploads.

Waterproof + dustproof
IP67 rated. Dual O-ring piston seal system.

Machined out of a solid block of 6063 aluminum.

Battery stability
High quality 17Ah industrial lithium thionyl-chloride battery with excellent thermal characteristics.

Thermal range
Environmentally tested from -20°C to +70°C

Negligible internal air
To help reduce the pumping effect from thermal differences the Blue Node internals occupy over 99% of internal space.


Davis weather station
Wind speed Wind direction Temperature Humidity Rain gauge

Ultrasonic range sensor
5m ranging or 10m ranging. Target identified with the largest acoustic return.

Pressure transducer
Silicon MEMS strain gauge sensor glass bonded to a stainless steel diaphragm with pressure ranges from 15 – 10,000 psi.

Leaf wetness
High quality SDI-12 leaf wetness sensor. Mimics the wetness state of a leaf, measurement value proportional to the percentage of the sensor surface covered with water.

Tilt float switch
Simple low cost tilt float switch for detecting water presence (trough or tank full/empty).

Soil moisture probes
Aquacheck, Enviropro, Tekbox probes supported. Soil moisture, soil temperature with multiple depth levels from 10cm to 150cm.

Compass and inclinometer
Reports compass bearing heading to 1° accuracy. Pitch, roll and yaw angle relative to housing origin to 1° accuracy.

Temperature probes
Low power paddlewheel style flow rate inline pipe.

Water depth probe
Hydrostatic liquid pressure sensor for determining liquid level.

Electric fence monitor
Measures the voltage from 0 to 10kV across an electric fence.

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