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Test, Verification and Certification

Product testing, verification and compliance certificationLX can carry out product testing, verification and compliance certification. We also partner with a number of NATA-certified local and international partners to provide independent product compliance and environmental testing.

LX has a range of equipment to support environmental and certification testing including an environmental test chamber, EMC test equipment, ESD simulator (CE testing), and various electrical input simulation devices.


Environmental Testing

Environmental testing helps ensure the quality and reliability of the product is maintained when it is operated for an extended period of time under varying environmental conditions. These tests can identify potential design and/or manufacturing issues which can be quickly and cost-effectively resolved prior to volume production and product launch. Such tests can include:

  • Thermal testing (including temperature cycling, accelerated life cycle testing and exposing the product to prolonged extreme temperatures)
  • Ingress testing (including moisture, dust/particles and salt spray)
  • Mechanical shock (including vibration, impact, and acceleration)
  • Pressure testing (including high/low pressure submersion and altitude)
  • Corrosion testing

Design Verification

Verification involves evaluating system performance against specified design requirements. LX has a number of systems and processes for verifying hardware, firmware and software against specifications and acceptance test criteria. Design verification occurs at different levels from unit and sub-sections through to system level, integration and functional testing.

Compliance Testing

Before supplying electronic products to the marketplace, it is mandatory they are tested in order to comply with relevant electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards. LX can achieve your compliance goals efficiently.

Some common compliance standards include:

  • EMC emissions and immunity testing (including C- Tick, FCC and CE)
  • Electrical safety (mains certification)
  • UL certification
  • RoHS and WEEE compliance
  • Industry-specific standards (including medical and mining)
  • Ingress Protection (IP) rating
  • Packaging and labelling requirements

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