Milieu Climate Smart Temperature Control

Milieu Climate Smart Temperature Control

Connected Thermostat Device for Home or Office Climate Management

Milieu Climate® Smart Thermostat helps you design your perfect environment by controlling the room temperature and monitoring air quality, humidity, pressure, sound, lighting and motion/occupancy. With an array of inbuilt sensors the system identifies each room and adapts to personal climate preferences.

The System comprises of the Smart Thermostat and a series of adapter kits to enable a wide range of product compatibility. The Milieu Climate® has been designed to retrofit to most HVAC systems (including gas, electric, and oil) available in Australia.

LX worked closely with Milieu Labs in the development of the system, designing the electronics, firmware and cloud backend.

The Milieu Climate-Smart Thermostat won the Good Design Award – Best in Class 2021 for the Consumer Electronics Product Design Category

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