/ 16th April 2019

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Nurochek Kicks Major Goals

A winning run: AC Grant + Capital Round + Start-up of the Year!


Congratulations to our client, HeadsafeIP, who was awarded the Accelerating Commercialisation Grant for their product Nurochek in March. The Grant will allow for activities to complete commercialisation of the portable device which assesses traumatic neurological injuries. Following this, HeadsafeIP is planning to explore the use of Nurochek for degenerative neurological disorders including dementia, delirium and stroke.

Nurochek is a headset that measures aspects of the brain’s electrical activity using EEG. Both affordable and portable, the custom headset broadcasts EEG signals to a smartphone for analysis and to Cloud for secure storage. Subsequent tests can be carried out and compared to previous results or baseline to be examined by a doctor.

HeadsafeIP was also for awarded “StartUp of the Year” at the 9th annual Australian Healthcare Week (Click here to see the article), and has recently closed their Bridge Funding round with Australian, Euroupean and US investors. It’s exciting to partner with them on their journey!

LX has worked closely with HeadsafeIP on the Nurochek product development, delivering the custom electronics hardware design and embedded firmware development.

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Muhammad AwaisNurochek Kicks Major Goals

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