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LX Wins Electronics Future Award 2010

27th August 2011

Electronics Design House wins ‘Digital Home’ Award at Electronics Future Awards 2010 with Yellowbird ALERT

LX Wins Electronics Future Award 2010

For the second year running, LX Group has won a major award at the Electronics Future Awards 2010.

LX Group was awarded winner in the Digital Home category, Highly Commended in the Communications category and nominated in the Wellness and Environment categories with YellowBird ALERT.

YellowBird ALERT (Automatic Linking to Emergency Radio Transmissions) is an emergency alert system that warns of natural disasters, such as bush fires or floods, by utilizing AM and FM radio transmissions.

YellowBird logs onto a registered radio station and sits dormant until an alert is received.

In the event of an emergency, authorities may decide to send an alert by creating a message and alert tone package, which sends out an immediate radio broadcast. If contact it lost with the registered radio station, Yellow Bird will notify the user and scan for alternative stations.

Simon Blyth, director of LX Group said ”my team and I are thrilled and greatly encouraged to receive this award” and added that he was pleased to be able to support an event that recognized and promoted electronics innovation.In 2009, LX Group was awarded overall winner at the EDN Innovations Awards for Best Project with WMD3000, a device that monitors a user’s gym workout and provides feedback wirelessly. Also awarded to LX, was first place in Best Application of Test/Data Acquisition category and highly commended in the category of Best Application of RF Wireless Design.

The Electronics News Future Awards, continuing the tradition founded by the EDN Innovation Awards, recognizes excellence in Australian and New Zealand electronics (

About LX 

LX Group is an award winning Australian electronics design house, specializing in the wireless and low power electronics designs.  LX offers clients a range of professional solutions designed to take a new product idea from concept through to production.

LX Group services include full turnkey electronics design, electronics, firmware and software design, electronics engineer consultancy, rapid prototyping, electronics manufacturing and commercialization and technical support. LX’s team takes an innovative approach to developing each project to ensure it gets to market fast with the best possible features.

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Muhammad AwaisLX Wins Electronics Future Award 2010

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